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Online service

Moving away?

Are you’re going to move? Then you can request the water delivery for your new address via Mijn waterbedrijf (only in Dutch). You can also cancel the delivery of water from your current or old address.

Keep the following information handy:

  • If you are already a customer with us: your account number. This can be found on the advance bill or annual statement, or if you pay automatically: on your bank statement (first 8 digits).
  • Moving date
  • If known: meter reading old and new address

Moving away

Manage your billing and payment online

If you want to manage your billing and payment online, change your account details like contact details or bank account detail, you can start your own account at Mijn waterbedrijf (only available in Dutch). Sign in to update your mailing address, email address and contact number instantly.

To register you need to fill in your account number, your account postcode and adress, and your email address.

Create an account

Aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief

Ontvang 4 keer per jaar onze nieuwsbrief. U kunt zich ook aanmelden via Mijn waterbedrijf.