Water at home

Water, we take it for granted

Each day our customers use approximately 121 litres of tap water. For drinking, preparing food, to wash and to shower. Clean water is vital to our daily life. In the province Groningen and in Eelde-Paterswolde and Eelderwolde in Drenthe you receive your drinking water from Watercompany Groningen.

Where does your drinking water come from?

Groundwater originating in the Drents Plateau is the main source for your drinking water. We pump it up in our extraction areas. Watercompany Groningen also uses surface water from the river the Drentsche Aa. Both the surface water and the groundwater are then purified in accordance with strict standards and checked before flowing to your taps.

Natural water

We depend on the environment for the quality and quantity of the surface water and groundwater – our raw materials. Strict rules apply to the sources where we pump the water. Everyone must take great care that the ground and the groundwater do not become  contaminated. Protecting the sources of drinking water and good environmental management go hand in hand and bolster each other. We do this in close cooperation with the district water boards, provinces, local authorities and organisations in the areas of nature conservation and the environment, recreation and agriculture.

Sustainable water and water use

Generally there is no shortage of water in the Netherlands; rather we must work hard to keep our feet dry. However some places in the Netherlands are sometimes too dry and this can cause problems in the nature reserves. One of our measures in this area is limiting groundwater extraction. Watercompany Groningen looks for the best possible balance between the needs of nature on theone hand and the requirements of drinking water on the other.

The price of water

You want to have clean, reliable and cheap drinking water at every moment of the day. We supply that seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Because we want to continue doing this in the future we are investing in the drinking water facilities in the region. We are doing this without an eye on profit to keep the costs for you as customer as low as possible. Our shareholders (local authorities and the province) determine the charges for your water. An average family spends approximately €10 per month on drinking water. From this money we invest 0.5% in projects in developing countries. We have been one of the cheapest drinking water suppliers in the Netherlands for many years.

Additional information

For more information about water extraction, the purification process, our organisation or about practical issues, please contact our customer administration departments during office hours by calling +31 (0)50 368 86 88.