About Watercompany Groningen

As a social enterprise Watercompany Groningen broadly focuses on the sustainable protection of water interests. We and our partners contribute to the sustainable development of our region with activities relating to drinking and industrial water, sewer systems, international cooperation and energy.

Clean and reliable drinking water has formed the basis of our operational activities since 1878. Perhaps needless to say, that includes security of supply and a sustainable approach to our raw products: surface water and  groundwater. That means that not only we, but also our offspring can count on drinking water 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Industrial water

For large (industrial) customers, Watercompany Groningen supplies ‘customised water’ as well as drinking water. We supply industrial water and demineralised water through our subsidiary North Water. North Water provides various solutions for issues in the area of water treatment and waste water purification for companies and industrial complexes.

Waterlaboratorium Noord

Waterlaboratorium Noord (WLN) is our centre for water quality and water technology. Watercompany Groningen offers technological research and advice for commercial parties via WLN. Effectively fulfilling this role involves focusing on innovation for chemical and biological analyses.

International cooperation

In the ‘Schokland Agreement’ the drinking water sector committed itself to the United Nations Millennium goals. Each year we are instructed by our shareholders to contribute 0.5% of our annual turnover to international cooperation. Watercompany Groningen sets out to contribute to meeting the Millennium goals by:
• entering into partnerships with water operators, primarily in Eastern Europe
• transferring knowledge by taking part in training centres in Africa
• product development for improved water supplies and sanitation
• partnership with or through Waternet, Basic Water Needs and Aqua for All.

Energy & water

Energy and water form a natural combination, especially as water can be used as an intermediary for various forms of energy. High-energy water exists, for example, in the form of geothermal power, but water can also contain valuable nutrients or can be used as a way of transporting CO2. Watercompany Groningen is putting this into practice at various locations.

Additional information

If you would like to know what we can do for your company or organisation, please call us on + 31 (0)50 368 86 88.