Water at work

If water is an important part of your production process or service then you want a reliable water supply of an agreed quality, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Watercompany Groningen and North Water can supply this.

As a business customer you will be faced with various water issues. Watercompany Groningen has knowledge of water and of the (regional) market and therefore we can supply you with extra service in several areas:

  • We can think along with you about the way in which you can adjust your company operation to current and future water demands.
  • We supply water of a specific quality, such as ultrapure water (demineralised water) and process water.
  • We provide a consultancy service for customers who use a great deal of water.

We will be pleased to visit you to discuss how we can optimise the role that water plays in your production process or provision of services.

Industrial water

For large-scale customers (industry), in addition to drinking water, Watercompany Groningen can also supply ‘custom-made’ water. We supply industrial water and demineralised water under the brand North Water.

North Water also offers various solutions for problems in the area of water treatment and waste water purification for companies and industrial complexes such as:

  • Anaerobic process water for AKZO
  • Water purification plant for Kisuma
  • Demineralisation facilities for RWE
  • Integral plan for a water plant (including drinking
  • water) for the Eemshaven
  • Supply of process water to Nedmag
  • Sustainable process water plant Avebe

North Water carries out the design, the building and the operation of the installations and if required the finance (the DBFO-concept). North Water is a joint venture of Evides Industriewater and Watercompany Groningen.

Water Laboratorium Noord

Water Laboratorium Noord (WLN) was set up by Watercompany Groningen and Watercompany Drenthe (WMD). The WLN in Glimmen carries out chemical, biological and technological research of water. Water in its most varied forms: groundwater, drinking water, process water, surface water, swimming water and wastewater.

WLN is consultant, quality controller and researcher commissioned by companies and institutions for which water plays a crucial role; e.g. Heineken and Philips. WLN customers come from various sectors: industry, government authorities, swimming pools, hospitals, nursing homes, zoos, garden centres and recreation companies. In addition an important task at WLN is the quality control of drinking water and industrial water from Watercompany Groningen and Watercompany Drenthe.

Additional information

For all your questions about drinking water and/or industrial water in your company, you can contact us by calling +31 (0)50 368 86 88.